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OCT 7 – OCT 15 2021:


Feature Exhibition by NFT sensation Andreas Ivan, Launching Exclusively with Poly Auction Hong Kong & The Authority

10:00AM TO 6:00PM Daily

open to public at Poly Gallery Hong Kong, 7/F, One Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong

OCT 22 – NOV 9 2021:

are you BORED or NOT? the exhibition

Poly Auction Hong Kong & The Authority
Debut NFT & Digital Art Exhibition

11:00AM TO 8:00PM Daily

open to public at 1/F, Pacific Place Mall, Hong Kong.

NOV 8 – NOV 12 2021:

are you BORED or NOT? the auction

Poly Auction Hong Kong & The Authority
Debut NFT Auction

open to public bidding online through Poly Auction Hong Kong's auction platform


The Authority envisions a new world where physical and digital become one. We see a world where digital goods become an asset class that rivals its physical equivalent.

Blurring the line between the physical and digital for consumers, creators, and developers through experiences and education.

Understanding the need for navigation in an open digital economy, The Authority platform will become an unbiased, authoritative voice in our collective journey into the digital world.

Blockchain IS the future of art.

But it is not a 50 second video by Grimes.

But it is not a $6.6million video by Beeple.

It is a whole lot more.


Opportunists jumping on the NFT bandwagon

Blockchain is revolutionary.

There is no single direction this movement is going, hence it is creatively chaotic, excitingly volatile, dangerously opportunistic, but most importantly, permanently disruptive. This movement however became a game for speculators and opportunists seeking to misguide the uninitiated with unverified, uneducated, and uncurated information about this uncharted territory.

So how do we sift through all that noise?

Discover Value Through Demystification

The complexity and arbitrariness of NFTs are a big part of their appeal. They shouldn’t be. Good art is good art, trash will always be trash, no matter the medium, no matter the narrative. Buy the underlying asset, not the overlaying story.

The Authority seeks to demystify this process and bring blockchain art to the forefront by including all the stakeholders in the process. It is a platform by the consumers, creators and developers for the consumers, creators and developers.

Value Through Collective Creation not Selective Exploitation

So much of the interest in blockchain art is coming from people who aren’t interested in art, but just interested in the idea of finding another way of making quick money. Real cultural value and utility get lost as celebrities cash in on star value and brands cash in on stories. The status quo misses the point of the blockchain movement.

At its core, blockchain’s true value is realized not as a subject but as a medium. The current hype and exorbitant prices are reflective of NFTs being a subject of attention, not of its true utility.

The truly great use of NFTs is its ability to objectively reward creativity through authentication, protection and programmability, hence encouraging creation across all mediums. Find these assets and movements that fit this narrative, and you will find true value with longevity and huge upside.

Imagine a world where digital assets
are more valuable than physical assets

Let us bring digital creations
to the forefront of the art industry



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